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our mission:Bring the GOODness to your table, community and LIFE.

Hotchi Sauce-the kimchi inspired hot sauce, spicy dressing, marinade, dipping sauce n seasoning all wrapped up in one flavorful n unique sauce-  Enjoy a spicy blend of toasted sesame, peppers, garlic and other all natural ingredients that will flavor your food and flame-kiss your tastebuds. it really is that F n Good!!

"Hotchi lights it up! A quick splash of this sauce adds tangy heat and a sesame zip!"-Tim in Seattle

"Best sauce ever"-Chef AnnMarie Nelms

"Pretty Awesome Stuff"-Todd Carmichael-La  Colombe

"Awesome!!your taste buds will scream for more"-Emery

"I hotchi'd on chicken, steak, vegetables,etc.Fantastic on everything-Jeremy in KC

"I am in love with your hot sauce. It is Amazing!!"-Chelsea

Our vision is to give customers a fresh n flavorful food experience by sourcing simple, healthy n natural ingredients that create unique flavors in our products. Est 2017 Fife N Good LLC Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Fife N Good LLC

4075 Linglesown Road Suite #168

Harrisburg, PA 17112

Tel: (717)585-0149


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